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and so to wednesday

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
strandbyggan (aka twins)
the plan for this evening was to go somewhere nice for dinner with elisabeth from microsoft. and, for once, the evening happened as predicted. we managed to only go to two places, strandbryggan and josefina which are two of my favourites. 🙂
the thing i recall most about the evening is james saying, repeatedly “that’s a nice dress…”
josefina one of the views at josefina

the week so far…

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


“we mustn’t spread ourselves too thinly” “we should stick to one or two places” kevin said.
so, 6 bars on monday and 5 on tuesday… not doing so well then!


vampire lounge

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

says it all really

the evening started calmly enough with a quick stop at gondolen to look at the views. the ones over stockholm were almost as good as the ones at the bar… we then slid on over to the terrace at mosebacke to catch some sun, and met up with Hannah who had a rather, erm, tacky twin towers ornament for kev. no, really.

food was on the agenda next, so it was off to the czech place for some traditional eastern europen food, as well as a cheeky krusowice, of course.

next door was the notorious ‘vampire lounge’ where the equally notorious phill was dj-ing. a few chocolate monkeys got us in the mood…. for more cocktails. something called a “draculas blood…” ah well, it was fun!

i really don\'t think there are enough girls at the bar  vampire lounge bar

guys bbq

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

guy doing his stuff

as the weather looked to be good, guy, my esteemed colleague, announced that there would be a bbq at his residence on sunday 27th. on asking his wife what time said bbq would commence, the reply “what bbq?” didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

however, said bbq commence quite happily some time around 3. much merriment was had by all (much 1664 was had by some of us).

yours truly was one of the last to leave and pedalled home to pack for the impending trip to stockholm.

is there anyone there? there you are what are you doing under the table?

goodwood ’08

Monday, July 14th, 2008

arose bright, early and fresh. not really. stumbled out of bed an hour and a half after i was supposed to – only because guy sent me a text asking if i was nearly there yet… hopped in the motor and pointed it south. by way of the carpark (aka m25). that was (not so) swiftly followed by the other carpark (a3). doh… eventually got to goodwood at midday. nice work.
goodwood was fantastic. there were loads of temperamental, high maintenance exotica to look at, and quite a few nice cars as well. if you like things with engines, this was certainly the place to be.
i must thank rav for his top tip of “you wanna go back on the a24, you do” he muttered. a great road (if you don’t get held up behind a grubby red corsa…) john would have a huge grin if he was honing it along there on a bike. i managed a stunning 19.gnatschuff mpg on the way home, mainly due to the a24!

bugatti veyron grille  a very lovely ford gt40  aston martin db5, james bond edition!


friday july 11

Monday, July 14th, 2008

friday was spent in Holland-on-sea, near clacton. for reasons too dull to go into here. Although the steak and kindey pie for lunch at the oakwood was, well, pie-tastic. during lunch, i had a call from my esteemed friend guy called with the welcome news that he had a spare ticket for the goodwood festival of speed for saturday 🙂
batted back down the a120 in the torrential monsoon that is the english summer, and headed off to my ex-neighbours graduation party (top effort nic!). as i had to get up early to head off to goodwood, the plan was to be sensible and only have a couple of beers and get home before midnight. i seemed to have ‘facebooked’ a few people at 3:30 Saturday morning, so i’m guessing that my plan didn’t work. ooooops.

back to reality…

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

…with a bump! I left my intrepid travelling companions at heathrow terminal 5, and got on… the tube. nothing like the piccadilly line to welcome you home! it worked though – was home quite quickly! to a mountain of chores which i won’t bore you with…

last night of wondering what people in the real world are up to

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

well, sian left us at docs to pop over to tammy’s “for an hour”. three and a half hours later, she came back! luckily, east was still open. we headed off there to pick up a takeout – the mother of all takeouts… with some lychee mimosa’s to help the wait along. seriously though, if you ever happen to be passing through port lucaya, go to east. it’s wonderful!

pieman had a few añejo and cokes. in any case, the añejo saw the coke.