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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

fireworks over stockholmWell, the dialling code for stockholm is also 08 (stockholmers are known as ‘zero-eights’), so you know what that means? a massive party! we started calmly in the delightful surroundings of pontus, where a few sakis were sampled along with some dim sum. then it was off to the very epicentre of stockholm: stureplan. roads had been closed, massive speaker stacks installed and huge screens hung on buildings. class.

match of the decade: 2007-08-07

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

ok, not quite, but, it’s that time of the year again: the kevin everest challenge cup between långholmen and the tudor arms. a grudge match if ever there was one. the expectations were set when the tudor arms resolutely refused to play the långholmen first team, so the reserves stepped up. lots of action from both sides, but långholmen edged it at 3-2. a very relieved kevin everest graciously took his trophy back!

a bit of a gap…

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

well i have been particularly bad at keeping this up to date over the last 2 weeks, but it has been pretty hectic.

the tub was particularly good, as was the associated bbq 🙂 the bed building involved moving the girls’ bedrooms around, so it was really bed-dismantling and rebuilding.
on saturday kev and i headed off to watch europride, in the rain… it didn’t dampen the spirits of those in the parade though! after that, we felt it prudent to dry off in one of the many convivial establishments around stockholm – bottoms up! sunday was a relatively quiet affair, waiting for james to wash his pillows for most of the day.
week 32 started quietly, taking in the new batman movie (which was great) and a gym visit (first one for weeks…) although things started to get interesting on wednesday. pete decided that we were going out for dinner, and so it was arranged to go to portofina, which is conveniently close to southside 😉 so, a quick pint or two first, and between pete & kev we managed to ruffle petra’s usually impecciably calm) feathers. still, being 8.5 months pregnant she has a good excuse for being a bit touchy. unlike kev who, during dinner, decided we were too boring for him, and he went back to southside! quality. this left yours truly and pete to finish the wine and get given a few free glasses of a valpolicella dessert wine, which was topppen (as they say in svenski).

the end is nigh…

Friday, August 1st, 2008

well, the end of the week is nigh… and it’s off to pete’s! lounging in the tub is obviously on the cards. as is a bbq. but so is bed building (?) for some reason. i will keep you all posted!