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Sunday, September 7th, 2008
well, two lads on their own in the côte d’azure. so we did what any self respecting bloke would do – went shopping. we did get beer (mainly) so it wasn’t as gay as it sounds. however, the beach was… dropped down to castel plage for some lunch and to catch some rays. little did we know that all the nice boys were called ray… it was all very amusing in a kind of “i’m keeping my back firmly against the wall” kind of way. spent the afternoon touring some hotels and had a very nice dinner at the restaurant in the hotel negresco. next to a polish couple. for once, i had the best seat 😉 
then it was off for the obligatory few pints of stella at thor, and to watch andy murray get coated by federer… and it wouldn’t be a night at jims if we didn’t stay up half the night playing cards on the balcony!
Baie des anges

2008.09.06 off to nice!

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

got off to a great start with the m1 being shut…! still, phil picked us up a bit early and we went cross-country instead. arrived at the airport quite early. the flight was fairly uneventful, except for us sitting in the aisle and window seats, leaving the middle free. with astounding insight, i commented to mike: “we will end up with a big hairy bloke you know…”. amazing. i should have thought of six numbers as well…
we were a little unlucky with the connections – waited for the luggage… waited for the bus… the traffic was pants…
dinner at l’ane rouge was eventful for the same reasons. waited for the champagne… waited for the starter… waited 45 minutes for the main course…. still, the pint of stella in thor tasted all the sweeter.