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Leaving Theresa

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The week finally rolled around to Friday, and I was (quite predictably after a night out with JimN) feeling a little slow on Friday morning. However, no time to lose. Up and packing! The bedframe was soon dismantled. Will it ever go back together though?

Seemed to fiddle about for most of the day until it was time to pick up the van from Jason – so it was off to Hall Partitions. Needed to help Frank unload some glass, and then it was off to St Theresa to pick up some bits and deposit them at Woodford Green. All this is highly thirsty work so it was back to Guys for some refreshment.

Obviously, I was (yet again) a bit slow on Saturday morning. I was up and about (honest) when Guy called…

Still, the van was loaded in but a few, err, hours… Off to Goldsborough to swap beds, and get fed with a bacon and egg sarnie (thanks Vere!) Then it was time to hit the road. So we crawled off to the M25 – which wasn’t too bad, as it happened. But, by God the M4 is dull! The M5 was a lot better – only because of the Scottish restaurant en-route though 😉

Not long after we were wending our way over the Quantocks. Lots of twisted (and it has to be said, slightly scary) trees! It was all a bit Blair Witch… The 1 in 4 single track road down the other side focused our attention… It was only another 10 minutes of so to the farm, and cold beer 🙂 Although, we had to earn it with wiring and lots of mounting, of speakers.

A large meal and some more beers, had us nodding off in front of Match of The Day, so it was best to go to bed.

Sunday morning came and it was ‘kin freezing! As we hadn’t unloaded the night before we had to freeze our bits off stacking stuff in the barn. But we were well rewarded (again) with bacon sausage and eggs – it was turning into a fine weekend!

Time to go again, so back on the road, heading East.

Drive back seemed more dull than the Drive down, so we had to relieve the monotony with (would you believe it) a swift Whopper…Somewhere around reading. Bit of a lack of decent kit on the roads – An Aero 8 was probably the rarest thing we saw all day.

Back in the hood to get Jim’s mattress over to WG. It was a bit like trying to carry custard with no bowl… Guy has obviously had much practice with restraints and ligatures as he had said mattress trussed up in no time. So that’s how Vere got those odd marks….

With the help of TeamJHC the mattress was up in the rafters quite quickly, and we didn’t destroy any cats! A quick stop at chez Kennett to fill our faces (again) and we were dropping the van back to Jason, which necessitated some refreshment in the Bald Face Stag.Nice.

All in all a busy weekend, but we got most of it done!

Borås 2010-01-18

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Having had a good 36 hours or so at home, it was obviously time for another jolly business trip. Phil very kindly collected me at the God-awful time of 5:45 (hey, it’s better than 4:45 I suppose!) and off we went to Heathrow (I really should have lived nearer the airport…)

Joy of joys – fog… So the flight was delayed a good 2 hours. Still having been recently upgraded to Star Alliance Gold (did I mention that Richard?), I merrily (well, not merry in that sense) sat in the SAS lounge at T3 sipping cranberry juice and eating fruit. Well, one healthy morning can’t do any harm, can it?

Eventually we were allowed near the plane, and true to form, I have a large fugly lady sat next to me… Why do I never get the cute blondes? Time passed and we landed in Gotham City Gothenburg, and it was snowing. Or rather, freezing sleet… Seemed a far cry from India, although with less large policemen.

Had to do a spot of work, which was irritating, but was soon out on it with one of Piemans buddies. A visit to the Bishops Arms and Babbel was just what the medicine man ordered.

What’s the German for…?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Trapped on deepest India and seeking solice wherever possible…

Pune here we are

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

After a good solid, refreshing 2 hours sleep it was off to the office to meet the Zensar dudes. The chauffeur was ready and waiting for our relaxing drive to the office. On the plus side, the traffic was not quite as bad as Bangalore, but on the minus side – have you seen the traffic in Bangalore??

Mr Bimmel met us at the entrance to the office complex:

Pune here we come

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Twas the 11th January already, so that signelled another early start for Pieman… How I love those Monday mornings… As the weather had been a bit toilet, we left a little earlier than we had to, which meant that yours truly got to Heathrow a full hour and a half ahead of his comrades. Still, the Star Alliance lounge did not disappoint. Especially the little crispy bacon rolls 🙂

After much time Richard and the Brian managed to get themselves to the lounge with minimal assistance, and I had my second breakfast of the day! This time I though fruit was a good idea. And another crispy bacon roll.

Wandered off to the gate and sauntered onto the aeroplane. It was a full 20 minutes before I got a glass of champagne. I was just about to explode. And soon after, we got breakfast. Which was nice. I did try joking with the blond stewardess but clearly she was having none of it! Arrived without too much drama at Frankfurt, and then had to walk / bus it to the terminal. Is that really the way to treat important people like Richard and Brian? I think not. Still, managed to find the lounge and the champagne that was inside. After all, it was Richards birthday so it would be chirlish not to celebrate. A quick snack of olives and crispy Japanese crackery things and it was time for the next leg of our epic adventure. I had been looking forward to the BBJ that Richard promised me, but I soon discovered that BBJ stands for Boing Business Jet! How I laughed… Still, we had electric massage seats to make up for it, and they were a damn sight more prompt with the Champagne. Quite soon we were under way and eating lunch. I ended up watching “Up” but was soon interrupted with dinner, and a very nice italien red (wine not head).

The fun didn’t stop there, either. No. The lady across the aisle from us managed to break her table (“Tisch”) and couldn’t get it back in the armrest, so the cuter of the two stewardesses was bending over and wriggling in a very exhibitionist way to try to fix it. Naturally Richard and I were full of helpful advice like “try pulling it and then poushing it” and “wiggle it a bit more”. It was all very Benny Hill. We were well and truly trumped though when the stewardess said to us “sometimes it’s just a little knob and it’s hard to remember where it is”. What are these Germans like? Jolly good job I didn’t have a mouthful of champagne (which was odd). I did try a lame “it’s the cold, don’t you know” kind of comment but there was no way I could get the better of that!

Unfortunately the rest of the flight wasn’t nearly so amusing, although the Rosso Toscana helped. Arrived at Pune and got to the Taj Blue Diamond hotel around 5am.

It was about this time that Richard mentioned that it was the Taj hotel in Mumbai that got blown up and shot to pieces just over a year ago. Nice.