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Packing up…

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Was not looking forward to this…. But best bud Guy stepped in to help 🙂 A difficult job was made easy – and we got to have beer and wine after! Great! We were 3 hours without accident – until yours truly smacked Guy in the head with the car door… Sorry G!

After various iffy films Pieman got a Joe home and then decided to listen to some music! It’s “I’m Slim Shady” right now. I should really be asleep – big night tomorrow… 🙂

Freefalling was quite good too! Peace up – A town….

Bored Wednesday

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Well problems at work and packing / moving boxes had been getting me down, so a Thai takeout with Jason and Grace seemed like the thing to do 🙂

Dropped my stuff off at WG, hopped in the car and headed off to Loughton to pick up Jason. Quick pint in the Station House and, shockingly, Mike and Guy sauntered in! Mike amused the hell out of Guy and me by mentioning that we needed to move a bed at the weekend… Oh how we laughed….

Couldn’t stay long as Jason had a hungry wife waiting at home. As usual, food was excellent. Unlike normal we didn’t order way too much! Watched most of Twilight before heading back to WG.need to be up early to sort out problems at work… Grrrrrr. It was supposed to be quiet this week!

One bit of good news today though – it looks like I have somewhere to live! Need to get on the Mio website, so I can blend in with all the Swedes… 😉