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Sunday brunch

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

It’s what you should do. Lounge around for a bit and then have a spot of brunch.

However, I had a huge pile of cardboard where the kitchen table should be, and the kitchen table was still in pieces in various boxes. So I had some building to do before I could lounge around! Damn… Table went together easily enough though:

P1010843   DSC00004

and so I could start cooking. Nothing too tricky 😉


Eggs ham and cheese = a slightly wonky omelette. The first meal in Sturegatan 48 was a modest success. The cooker will probably not see any more action for a fortnight or so 🙂


Now it’s 14:30, which I think is time for a Bloody Mary. Having no vodka makes this a bit tricky. Even more tricky is no tomato juice. Or Worcestershire sauce. Or pepper, celery & celery salt…. So a glass of wine then 😉

And make a shopping list…


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Having managed to find a decent flat near town, good size but no parking ( :{ ) I decided that I should make it look like the IKEA catalogue. When in Sweden, and all that.

Annoyingly, you can only certain items for delivery. Like pillows, but not duvets… Must be some Swedish logic I haven’t got the hang of yet.

As I was flying into Gothenburg, it made sense to hire a car and go into IKEA from there. Pete loved this idea as it meant I was then travelling in my time rather than him paying for it… Oh well. Duly hired a Volvo estate (what else) and bombed down to IKEA at Kållerad.

Being the Monday before pay day I had the place to myself, which made a change for fighting people in the Edmonton branch… Had to have a hot dog, natch. Took two circuits to get what I wanted, and there were only a couple of things out of stock which was irritating but not unexpected. Oh, and I bought NO candles at all. See girls, it IS possible 🙂

Next stop, El Giganten for electricals. Which are horribly expensive here. Not so good… Was feeling pretty pleased with myself, because it was only 4 o’clock. Hopped in the car and realsied it wasn’t really 4 o’clock… Well itwas, but only in the UK. In Sweden it was 5 o’clock!

Car was pretty much full so a quick stop at MIO to look at sofas before unloading at Sturegatan 48. Which took a lot longer than loading did… Finally picked Brian up about 7:30, dropped the car off and took a few well deserved Cruz Campos in Babbel. Not a bad days effort 🙂


Monday, March 15th, 2010

Finally found a flat so I don’t have to stay in the hotel any more. Or impose on Brian. Need furniture though…

Indian Dinner

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Subbu was finally happy that he had the rice just right (1 cup rice, 2 cups water, or was it the other way around?)

After a quick stop at Jims flat for some measuring, we hiked off to Vejlegatan 9A and were greeted with rather appetising cooking aromas.

Being a bit British we immediately pitched in to help Subbu but plonking ourselves on the sofa and switching the TV on. I really do not know whose idea it was to let Pete be in charge of the remote…. After lots of random channels and teletext he got lucky and found the football, so we started tucking in to the wine!

Subbu fed us admirably. The potato dish was particularly superb IMHO. We couldn’t quite manage all the rice though. Cheers Subbu! It was very nice.


Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Just in case you didn’t already know, it’s British Pie Week!