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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Well, funnily enough, no planes…

Gave James a lift home from Borås to Stockholm on Friday, intending to fly back down on  Monday morning. But, thanks to those wacky Icelandic’s, there were still no flights on Monday! Off to the Train station then! 🙂 Apart from the website not being able to print me a ticket, which caused all sorts of confusion, the journey was ok. Saw lots of Swedish countryside – I think I was asleep when we went past the big lakes…

Met a Scottish bloke who was travelling from Finland to Borås to Copenhagen to Spain… Good luck mate!

Trip back to Borås, Easter Monday

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

After a fairly good nights kip, I awoke to find a rather grey day out side. At least the were no storms, and the North Sea was about as flat as it gets.


Did a spot of work, and headed off for breakfast. No bacon! :((

Still, everything else was spot on. Off to the offie to stock up on gin and vodka (rather pricey in Sweden…) and then ligged about waiting for disembarking time.

The car started! It’s still a surprise! Bit of a crawl to get out of Esbjerg, but was soon on the E20. 615Km to go!

Some of many windmills:


Mainly it was very dull – the bridge into Copenhagen was quite spectacular:


But going under the airport and then across the Oresund bridge was more so! (got some video – haven’t worked out how to upload it!)

My travelling companion – the conversation was a little one sided…


Todays route:

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Trip back to Borås, Easter Sunday

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Saturday started well, filling the car up with a lot of stuff. TV went in easily 🙂 as did the PS3, Wii, Printer, tools, clothes and Giraffe. I was feeling very pleased until I went to start the car… “Click” it went… I expecting something like “Brrrrrmmmm brrrmmm”. But no, “Click click”.

“Oh dear”, I said… Once I had stopped swearing I called the very nice people at Porsche and they sent a very very nice man called Jonathon around.

“It’s buggered mate” he said.

And then laughed mirthfully when I mentioned leaving for the ferry at lunchtime….

He had a fiddle and couldn’t actually find much wrong. The battery charge was pretty low, but the battery seemed ok, and it was charging. He reckoned I should leave it on charge overnight and it would be fine. As he was the professional, I completely disregarded his advice and went out on Sunday and bought a new battery! Well, just to be safe. Even then, the porker was telling me scary things like “PSM failure” (stability control), “airbag failure” and it refused to go into Sport mode. Although without PSM this was probably a good thing. At least the stereo still worked. Full of confidence (yeah) I pointed it at Harwich, with plenty of time to spare, just in case. That part of the journey was thankfully not very eventful, and I rolled into the ferry port at 14:15 – rather early!


There was me thinking that it would only be me and truck drivers… First a Morgan plus 8 rumbled past. Then a 997 turbo cab, and then a mint 993 Carrera 4S turbo spec. Nice! There was also a worrying number of caravans…

Joy, the car started and I got on the ferry 🙂 Direkt till baren… Carlsberg me up. DSC00020

After being chastised by the strict Danish lady for not disabling my car alarm… it was time for a quick Futurama before dinner. Decided on the buffet so I could stuff myself with marinated Salmon 🙂 Apart from the waitress bringing me a Chablis 1er cru instead of the vintage Mersault I ordered, everything was tickety-boo. As chance would have it, Mr 993 4s and his wife sat next to me. Turns out the maroon colour (which wouldn’t be my choice) was exceedingly rare, with only 3 in the country. They had be haring it around Scotland for a few days – and we nattered cars while I tried to get the right wine… He had also had a TVR 3000M, which was a one off, and some other interesting bits of kit. The 993 was his favourite though, and I have to admit, it was lovely.

After gorging on cheese (probably not the best idea when on a ferry in the middle of the North Sea…) I was pretty pooped, so it was another Futurama and then bed. Good night!

Today’s route: