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Dans le Sud, May 2014

Monday, May 12th, 2014

After a chilly, damp week in Borås, what could be a better antidote than a trip to Nice? Exactly, not a lot!

So off to Gatwick we went! For once we were not rushing. Which was just as well, as the taxi driver managed to take to route to Victoria with the most traffic… I ask you, Oxford St and Marble Arch on a Saturday lunchtime? Tsk. Still, was in the enormous bag drop queue the requisite 2 hours before take off.

Flight was ok, helped along with large quantities of Haribo… Nice seemed very quiet… The bus was almost empty, which was nice! Decided to just grab a few bits from the supermarket and have a quiet night, which was rather pleasant.

Lazy lie in on Sunday, then went for a walk along the prom in the glorious sunshine. Was intending to go to Monoprix on the way home, but got a message from Allyson “will be in the Negresco bar in an hour”. So that was the shopping kicked into touch! Went home and glammed up a bit and headed to meet Allyson and Ana. Had a very pleasant time chatting and catching up, over a glass of Chablis.

Sunday evening brought the Yahtzee! challenge. Everything to play for…. Once we had the rules sussed, J streaked ahead with an early win. H redeemed herself by trouncing J in game 2, by quite some margin…! So we decided to leave it there for the night!

A few days in Borås

Friday, May 9th, 2014

I couldn’t avoid it any longer – it was time to go back, back to the island. I mean, Borås.
Met up with B-man at T5 and had another uneventful (just the way I like it) flight to Gotham City.

B was heading up to Stockholm on Wednesday (more on that later) so it was imperative to get a couple of cold ones in on Tuesday evening. So we duly headed into to town, a little later than usual, to B’s favourite Spanish bar.

A few Cruz Campos and some wild boar later, and we were sated. All was good.

Except the weather, of course. What did you expect? This is Borås!

Wednesday brought more rain, and B’s trip to Stockholm. In a car. With Daniel. And Tomas. Hmmmm, who to feel most sorry for 😉
Not me – I had a nice quiet early evening, and then met K and N in the Vinbar. Nice easy catch up there. No sign of Niel, but Jonaton looked after us rather well.

Thursday came, and with it the promise of a quiet night in front of the TV. P & Co were flying off to Iceland on Friday so K was heading back to Stockholm and P was staying in with the family. So arranged for an early gym visit with P. En route P informed me that the Iceland beano was off! The damned pilots were going on strike. So, in K’s words “might as well stay in Borås and get hammered”. I could see my nice, quite, (relatively) healthy evening slipping into the mire…

While I got a sweat on, P was rounding up the posse and getting flights for that night sorted! Success! They could get to Stockhoml in time for a flight to Iceland! So they were happy, and I got my quiet night. Nice 🙂

So a bit of shopping, chat with H and some TV and PS3. All good.

Friday at work was uneventful, if busy. This cheered me up a bit:


And the flight back to Blighty was ok too. Not at all bad for a Friday evening.

* update *
Had a message from P on Sunday night: “stuck in Iceland”. The damned pilots were still on stike! Had to laugh…