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Party weekend

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

As it was a rather large Birthday this year H corralled the usual suspects and arranged a weekend at a ramshackle house near Frome.

Off we went on Friday afternoon to encounter the horrors of the M4…. should have been there in time for a late linch, but nooooo! M4 was at a standstill just before the Marlborough Junction so we decided to exit left and follow the A4. All was ok for a while, but then…. the A4 was closed in Marlborough… the diversion signs sent us around in circles so we gave up and headed back to the M4, a couple of junctions further down.

Not much drama after that but it cost us a huge amount of time….

Pimlico, 1 March 2016

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

So today it is raining rather a lot. I’m off to get a very resonably priced haircut at Luli’s in Tachbrook Street. Pimlico seems rather quiet today.

St Georges Drive

A rather damp St Georges Drive


March 24

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Another lazy Sunday morning. Back still out of sorts, but getting better. A bit rainy but not enough to stop us having a brisk walk along the promenade mid afternoon. Resisted the temptation for une glace on the way back, as well as a large glass of something at Ponchettes!
H whipped up a tasty curry for dinner. Work looms for the morning, so it was off to bed at sensible- o’clock…

March 21

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

So, we had decided to hire a car so that we actually got out of the Old Town. Up the earliest we had been all week to pick it up just off Place Masséna. A Toyota Aygo (ay-go-fk-yourself)
Hmmm. Actually was ok for what it was. It got us up to Eze perfectly well. Mooched around the tropical gardens in the glorious sunshine. Most relaxing. Headed to La Turbie for some lunch and to look at the views. The trophée d’August was quite something!




After dropping the car off, and having some dinner it was off to the Ellington hotel to see Marj and Bev.

March 17

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Headed off to Gatwick with our pile of luggage… Haven’t quite got the hang of travelling light! Quick stop in the lounge for a bite to eat and, shockingly, the flight was on time!
Arrived at the flat while it was still light-ish which was novel. Was worth the effort to do a proper clean before we left last time – it was all lovely and fresh. Unpacked the important stuff and headed to our fave restaurant – Côte Marais for a fab meal. A perfect start to the trip 🙂

Nice, Feb 2013

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

After a hectic week in Borås, it was nice to be off to Nice for a week. We were on the late BA flight, which was (as seems to be the norm with BA) delayed by 15 minutes. But according to BA, this counts as “on time”. Harumph.
Flight was packed! Some kind of French school trip heading home. At least those Southern French kids got to see some proper weather!
Despite our concerns (the noise level can only be described as somewhat above Brouhaha), the flight was pretty calm. Luckily the sulky teenager who was supposed to be sat next to us managed to squeeze in with her mates.

Chaos ensued in the baggage reclaim when a bag got stuck. Cue “techinal failure” (moving the bag (thanks H!) obviously wasn’t allowed in the union rules). So we all moved to belt 4. Clearly this was a problem, as (half an hour later) belt 3 started disgorging our luggage!

All this excitement meant that the last bus had left, so we scooted round to the taxi rank and hopped in a very jolly taxi drivers cab. Cue lots of French humour, which was rather nice! The Promenade was lined with seats for the forthcoming carnival (which we had totally missed) and we were soon outside Rue Saint-Joseph.

Cue wine!

Twas the night before…

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

…the day before Christmas. (eve…), when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Until 3pm when we got up!

Off to Nice for Christmas

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Luckily the doom-mongers seemed to have got it wrong, and the world didn’t end, but Disaster! The Heathrow Express was suspended. Some mis-alignment of celestial bodies foretold by ancient civilisation? Or a signal fire. One or the other. Anyway, it caused me a pain in the wallet as we had to get a taxi to the airport. However, as we had seven bags, it probably did us a huge favour!
The business lounge was typically full of screaming kids… Great.
Plus, the flight was delayed, and absolutely no information was forthcoming from British “to fly to serve” Airways about:
a) the fact that there actually was a delay
b) why there was a delay
c) how long the delay was
Well played BA, well played…
Still, I am being pedantic. The delay was minor and the flight, although bumpy, was ok and we were soon reunited with our excess baggage.
Getting on the bus was fun! As was going up the hill!
We managed though.


Clearly the first priority was food, so we headed out to the square and settled into Lu Fran Calin for some Foie Gras and Guinea Fowl in a mustard sauce. Oh how I have missed you, Nice!
A rather fruity Graves helped wash everything down nicely!


Borås wk 49

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

After a wonderful week and a half in London, it was back to business, and so back to Borås.
Met up with BM on a damp morning at LHR T5 and hopped on BA790

I had some bloke who seemed to want to lean on me for the whole flight which made it less than comfortable.
Landed in a snowy and blinking cold Landvetter airport. Predictably I got stuck behind dodgy non-European who’s passport needed to be inspected minutely. And at great length. Joy. However, having no checked bags made for a speedy exit and we were soon in the taxi heading East. Dragged the ‘roc out of the parking house and headed for the maelstrom in the office. In the end it was not too bad and we managed to extract ourselves at a reasonable hour. After doing the domestic chores we wandered into town in search on vittles. We happened upon a small place called Babbel that seemed to fit the bill.

My chicken skewers

BM’s dead animal…

Tuesday brought more chaos, with the weather and in the office! Mainly in the form of agent “k”… After a relatively successful day, I had to be domestic and I some laundry while K lounged in his sauna and jacuzzi. There is no justice. B and I headed into town to meet up with K at Vinci. The wind chill factor took the ambient temperature down to approx -35. Honest. I think I chose badly as my meal was slightly disappointing.
We then retired to The Factory to watch the last Champions League group matches. It was pretty quite so after the game B and I headed back to Gôta while K had “just one more” in Wisers. Which turned out to be one more, plus a swathe of shots!

Rather predictably K demanded pizza for lunch, so a walk down to Herkules was rather bracing.

Wednesday evening was our team Julbord and the Brits were hosting. I headed out to Bramhult to pick up double-H and deposited the car back in its home. We all met up at The Factory for an aperitif before going to the restaurant at the Best Western. It is slightly better than it sounds!

Naturally we ate far too much. Apparently this is the “done thing” at Swedish Christmas dinners!

B was itching to get back to the factory as Celtic were in action in the Champions League.

Surprisingly they won! Less surprisingly, K demanded champagne…

Borås week 47

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Back in beautiful Borås this week. Has been rather manic with some high priority issues, but had a great night on Wednesday with Christian, on his 6th birthday!


Nice meal in La Copita and a couple of convivial drinks in the Bishops Arms with two other Christians. Seems everyone in Borås is called Christian! 🙂

Flying back to London was fun. Gale force winds in England made the landing “a bit bumpy”…