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last night of wondering what people in the real world are up to

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

well, sian left us at docs to pop over to tammy’s “for an hour”. three and a half hours later, she came back! luckily, east was still open. we headed off there to pick up a takeout – the mother of all takeouts… with some lychee mimosa’s to help the wait along. seriously though, if you ever happen to be passing through port lucaya, go to east. it’s wonderful!

pieman had a few añejo and cokes. in any case, the añejo saw the coke.

sunday – another crap day in paradise ;)

Monday, June 30th, 2008

another packed beach

well, it got off to a good start with pieman waking up on the sofa (or should that be ‘couch’)

pieman and #2 needed to move some birdcages around at docs place. luckily (for us, not him) mark wandered past with his rather useful truck. very handy for bird cages…

had a quick tour around mark’s new place – fabulous. lost count of the different woods. spectacular view. due to reporting restrictions, there are no pictures. or it may be because i forgot my camera. i forget.

the plan was to go to tony macaroni’s for conch, but he was no where near ready for lunch, so it was off to banana bay (oh, shame…!)

spent a seriously relaxing afternoon there.

saturday morning…

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

oh dear. not good. movment is quite tricky. still, we were up and about in no time. sian couldn’t believe how quickly we got over there… 😉

we were cooking dinner for doc, so off to solomons to get vittles. bumped into a couple who were out with us last night – they looked worse than us! if possible…

dinner was fab, except for the stupid puppy that kept peeing all over the place. not cool. we never made it to bikini bottoms for the party though… tsk.


tfi friday – awesome!

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

friday at last! coz it’s been such a hard week…

typically, pieman and #2 were a little tardy in getting to docs… sian was not impressed. the bird poo on her towel seemed to be annoying her as well. anyway, as it was almost lunchtime… after rearranging docs furniture (I still don’t know why) it was off to east in port lucaya for some sushi. mmmmm! sian and tammy wouldn’t sit with pieman and #2 for some reason… so we looked like the only gays in the village. still, the sushi was excellent 🙂

the afternoon was spent catching up with some of #2 mates. and that brought us nicely to dinnertime! we had resisted the pull off the irish bar for too long. shenanigans beckoned. the tuna was rather delish 🙂

 the only irish bar in the village

a quick pit stop at noels for some catching up, and a few beers, obviuosly. before long, sarah was corralling everyone, and we found ourselves back at the port. sparky’s was jumping, and before long we had bumped in to cali. who wasn’t showing off her legs and, more importantly, hadn’t jumped into any cars with complete strangers. at least not tonight…

not getting into strangers cars...

and if you want proof that white boys can’t dance:

trowin some shapes, mon

thursday evening

Friday, June 27th, 2008

ever the main subject… food. chinese seemed to be the choice, so it was off to china beach. sian had a quick ‘asian boy’ at the bar, and then it was time to eat.

much duck and stuff later, and it was off to count basie square for a few cold ones.

the square at port lucaya

spookily enough we bumped into a bunch of girls in sparky’s who were on a mission. mad as a number of bags of squirrels. rather amusing though.

pieman, with his ever eagle eyes, spotted a pair of legs that didn’t seem to stop… until they hit a ridiculously small pair of shorts. consequently, and unsurprisingly, we headed off in that direction 😉

it wasn’t only the legs that were great… before long pieman seemed to be chatting away to the legs and her mates; one of whom is getting married on saturday. yours truly enquired of legs, “where are you from?”. “originally, i’m polish” came the reply, in a rather silky voice. pieman, always on the ball, trotted out a few stock polish phrases to which she replied “oh, i can’t speak it though”. bugger.

the next day…

Friday, June 27th, 2008

banana bay beach

been here 3 days and haven’t had cracked conch yet. well, that had to be remedied at once. picked up sian and headed off to banana bay (yes, really).

had a fab cracked conch salad (with a couple of kalik’s, naturally) and then decided on a swim. well to mess around in the water… just getting ready to hop in and the cry of “shark!” came. pieman, oblivious to the danger, legged it to the water just in time for a scene straight out of jaws. “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” cried all the other people on the beach (all 5…) as the ran around with their arms waving above their heads. pathetic. pieman was expecting Roy Scheider to jump out at any moment…

funnily enough, the shark couldn’t care less and swum off.

back to the port

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

pieman, #2 and sian decided that the evening was far from over, so we headed back to the port in search of refreshment. sparky’s, a suitable establishment for the purpose was soon located, after almost getting run over by a crazy blond woman in a big white truck.

“James Philip! Fuckin hell!” she squealed shrilly, as she narrowly missed us.

consequently sarah joined us for a convivial cold one, and proclaimed that we would all “get on it” for a “large one” on friday night. so that’s ok then.

talking of large ones, there were a few horrors at the bar *shudder*. this was not what pieman had come to see… #2 apologised profusely, and rustled up an icelandic blond beauty in no time. although it transpired that all she was after was a cigarette. ah well…

steak and stone crab claws

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

the plan for the evening was dinner at doc’s, so in keeping with tradition, pieman and #2 started the evening with a rather delicious rum and coke. although there seemed to be a little more rum than coke…

pieman was a bit worried as he once had a bad experience with stone crab claws. on a previous bahamian visit, he ordered a rather large bowl, and  couldn’t finish them all… tragic. that day will haunt pieman forever…

the dinner was superb. piemans steak was shown, briefly, to the grill and was bleeding nicely. the beer was plentiful and everyone was happy. doc was on good form and had everyone in stitches.


Thursday, June 26th, 2008

#2 was getting very jumpy and unbalanced… the beach was the only cure. stopped off at tammy’s, an old friend of Sian’s first, to pick her and her son, blake up.

busy beach... 

the beach was a bit busy. we saw, oooooh, 5 other people in the 3 hours we were there 😉 best of all, pieman didn’t get burnt!

pieman 2, bahamas 1

return to port lucaya

Thursday, June 26th, 2008
after messing about with the bags, and more importantly the cooler full of flakes (i’ll explain later, or perhaps not) we headed in the general direction of port lucaya. sian hadn’t eaten so lunch was a priority. we stopped at a nice place just by the marina, and had our fill, and a few local beers, just to be sociable. 

a wander around port lucaya was the next task on our list, and we bumped into rather too many people that #2 knew for piemans liking… still, we were promised a fishing trip by one of them, which was nice.

the marina