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A Joyeux Noël

Friday, December 27th, 2013

After the fun that was Christmas (visiting Mum in hospital) the feast of St Steven was finally upon us, which meant: time to head South. We managed to brilliantly time our departure so that it was between devastating storms, and Gatwick was an oasis of tranquility. Just kidding, it was packed with screaming rugrats… But we weren’t there long.

One very bumpy flight later and we were arriving in Nice. Usual confusion with the bus; the driver told us to get tickets from the office – chaos in the office, eventually bought the tickets on the bus. The driver was in an untypically good mood though, and was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

We were soon at the flat, which our friends had left nice and tidy. So we were quickly unpacked and settled in, and off to get some Socca – one portion of which was funded by SimpleSimon 🙂

A reasonable grocery shop later, and we were back at base and easing ourselves into a rather delicious bottle of Argentinian Mendoza (thanks to Audrey and Miles)