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Nice, St somethings day, 14 Feb.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Apparently it is some famous day today. It is my friend Allyson’s birthday, which I think is more important 🙂

Anyway, was slaving away over the laptop, working hard, and there was racket outside – some sort of marching band type stuff:
Parade 2013-02-14

Was gorgeously sunny this morning, a bit cloudy now. Should be back to full sunshine tomorrow, when we are off to Eze. However, we need to get through the Guns N’ Roses Alternative Valentines Day party at the Boscolo hotel tonight first!

Nice, Feb 2013

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

After a hectic week in Borås, it was nice to be off to Nice for a week. We were on the late BA flight, which was (as seems to be the norm with BA) delayed by 15 minutes. But according to BA, this counts as “on time”. Harumph.
Flight was packed! Some kind of French school trip heading home. At least those Southern French kids got to see some proper weather!
Despite our concerns (the noise level can only be described as somewhat above Brouhaha), the flight was pretty calm. Luckily the sulky teenager who was supposed to be sat next to us managed to squeeze in with her mates.

Chaos ensued in the baggage reclaim when a bag got stuck. Cue “techinal failure” (moving the bag (thanks H!) obviously wasn’t allowed in the union rules). So we all moved to belt 4. Clearly this was a problem, as (half an hour later) belt 3 started disgorging our luggage!

All this excitement meant that the last bus had left, so we scooted round to the taxi rank and hopped in a very jolly taxi drivers cab. Cue lots of French humour, which was rather nice! The Promenade was lined with seats for the forthcoming carnival (which we had totally missed) and we were soon outside Rue Saint-Joseph.

Cue wine!