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night out

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Well, as we hadn’t been out much this week, we thought it would be a good idea to go out tonight. a few of the guys were at jimmy’s for some chow and then we all converged at kevin’s flat for a couple of glasses of champagne. then we headed out to ljunggrens for a couple of cold ones.
there seemed to be something going on in the shopping centre behind the bar so yours truly went off to investigate. it was only a 90’s techno bash! quality. some outfit called alvaro villalobos & kim sandgren were there, and we had a few dr alban tunes thrown in for good measure. to top the night off we had dj sash! on the decks, hauling out the old fave floor fillers like it’s my life;
i had forgotten how much fun early techno was! most amusing watching everyone fling their hands in the air at the start of another banging tune, and then realising there was no way they could keep waving their arms over their heads like fools for 4 minutes 😉
sadly that only lasted until about 1am so we crawled all the way to indigo, where the dj was playing old queen tracks. mainly because he was a bit of an old queen himself.
all in all a fun evening. will we be able to top it this evening, i wonder?

‘little saturday’ in stockholm

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

as we had been working so hard all week, kevin and i decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. collage ( was the lucky recipients of our business this evening.

as it was ‘little saturday’ (for some reason the swedes think that wednesday is a bit of a night out, although there wasn’t much evedence of that!) some bubbly was the first thing on our minds, so it was out with the louis roederer swiftly followed by ‘fish & chips’, which was how they referred to my tempura fried monkfish cheeks. which went particularly well with the de ladoucette pouilly fumé. or is that the other way around?

anyway, after that we popped into the champagne bar and had… a beer. it was a but dead in there, so we ended up at the old favourite ‘O’ baren in sturehof. which was a lot more lively. at one point kevin muttered the immortal words: blimey, charlies angels have just walked in… in the end it was back to lydmar which suited me fine as it was home!

and that was tuesday night

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

the lydmar was very nice. there seems to be a lounge just outside my room, and the bathroom was huge, with views out across the water. sweet. plus it had the best minibar i have ever seen! never before have i had one with two bottles of champagne… had a drink at the bar with kevin, then it was off to james’ to see him, petra and little emilie. who was quite cute. i’ve never seen anyone manage to shut james up before!

back in sweden

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

it’s been a while but now i’m back! usual (bollocking) early flight out on monday morning. bumped into an old dog, oliver eggert, at the airport, which livened up the morning!

massive tailwind meant we were half an hour early. that’s never happened…

work was, well, worky. had to stick around and watch the eod as kevin had made some dodgy changes. we did managed to catch up with olly and james quite quickly once we got going. started in locale (near the lemon bar) and ended at ljunggrens. must have spent at least, ooooh, 6 hours at the hotel.

tuesday came, and kind of went. staying at the (far superior) lydmar hotel tonight. looking forward to that.