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Day 1 – Jo’burg to Hazyview

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

02 October, Thursday
Johannesburg to Hazyview
Going though immigration, the official looked at my passport and asked me what I was here for this year, as last time I had been going to a wedding. Even if I hadn’t have been sleep deprived I would have been surprised! The same guy had stamped my passport the last time we came through Jo’burg, and seemed to remember me…!
Waited a rather long time for the luggage and went off to find Dollar/Thrifty. Found it easily enough but there was no one waiting for us… Presently a Kea man came in, but he was there for someone else :s Anyway, he went off and found our guy, Solomon who came and collected us. It was only a short ride in his Jeep Cherokee to the Kea office where Daniel was waiting with reams of time consuming paperwork… Luckily he didn’t insist on showing us everything after we told him we were familiar with the vehicle and tent. He did, however, fail spectacularly at demonstrating the compressor… He managed to cross-thread it onto the tyre valve and wondered why air was hissing out. Eventually he got out of the way and I fixed it.
Soon we were on our way East. We managed not to take the wrong road out of Jo’burg, which made a nice change.

Day 0 – Flying to Jo’burg

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

01 October, Wednesday
London to Johannesburg

Finished work sharpish at 16:30 and gathered our things together. Mad rush to get the flat clean and tidy, as our French friend, Grégoire would be staying while we were away.

Taxi to Paddington and then the Heathrow Express to Terminal 1. South African ground staff were really good. Had to pay for an extra bag at checkin which was all dealt with very easily.

Decided to eat in the Terminal and snooze on the flight. Stopped of at a restaurant just below the lounge. My fish and chips (washed down with a Rob Roy) was ok but H’s chicken was a bit uninspired. Didn’t have enough time to sneak a cheeky glass of wine in at the lounge, so headed off to the gate. Boarding was really quick, even though the flight was quite full and we were on our way early! A worrying few minutes ensued when I noticed that the recline button was missing for my seat, but I managed to fish around inside the arm rest to get it working.

We both watched the Grand Budapest Hotel, which I enjoyed a lot and ate H’s gluten free meal of salmon. My peri peri chicken was more than a little below par…

We both got some sleep.