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saturday at last

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

everyone was up at the crack of 10 something. Or was it 11…? anyway, it had sort of been decided to go to monaco, so it was off to the bus stop, with a small detour for vittles. another mumbled half-arsed attempt at french from jim. pete, as usual, was perfectly fluent.

sqeeeeeezed onto the bus, with the normal french old-dears barging in front of everyone. it wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t. jim got a cheap thrill when some old geezer grabbed his knee… it was the closest anyone got to pulling all weekend.

decided to head up to the palace and old town first. which was nice. looking out across the main harbour, we noticed that there were quite a lot of karts zipping around. odd, this hadn’t been mentioned in any of the ‘what’s on in the ‘

friday night in the côte d’azur

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

after a brief rest and a game of “kings queens cocksuckers and douchbags” (don’t ask – or rather, ask guy) pete couldn’t wait for seafood any longer, so it was off to le grand bleu in cours saleya. i’ve never seen pete so quiet. after it was a bit of a crawl to find somewhere decent. started at thor while we thought about it. then someone suggested les distilleries idéales. which was just about to close… so we headed back to cours saleya where we had seen a bunch of not too shabby looking girlies. which was nice.

the morning after the first night

Friday, October 17th, 2008

not too bad actually. we hadn’t got too hooped last night so we were fairly fresh. so much so that we decided to go out.

pete had arranged to meet a friend around r. de la Liberté so off we went. eventually we found her 😉 and her two (possessed) kids. i’ve never seen so much destruction in such short time… but we managed breakfast. one thing we seemed quite good at was eating 🙂

as we were rather pleased with ourselves, we decided to go for a walk. along the promenade. all the way along. silly.

we were pretty much at the airport before i suggested that maybe we should turn around. something to do with my forehead burning… so we turned around so that i could burn my neck instead.

there were some nice sight’s on the way back to make up for it.

as we got to the old town, guy asked the inevitable: “what’s the time?”…. well, “beer o’clock” was really the only suitable answer

thursday in nice

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

well, it seemed nice hadn’t missed me. the girl at the bus ticket kiosk didn’t seem overly impressed with my french. “that’ll be four euros please” she said, totally dissing my vague attempt to sound like i knew what i was saying…

the trams are pretty much done in our part of town. place garibaldi is still a bit of a building site, but it won’t be long!

chez jim was all fine. after opening up it was a priority to fill the fridge up with beer 🙂 and then i did the decent thing and went back to the airport to meet the guys. and guy. a swift bus ride later brought us all back to rue st. joseph, and within quite leterally seconds we headed off for a beer or two. all seemed quiet in cours saleya. if only we had known….

off to nice, again.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

well, it’s the lads weekend in nice. so i’m off on the lunchtime flight to open up, and guy, pete and dm are following on the evening flight. i’m guessing it will be straight to thor as soon as they arrive…