Dans le Sud, May 2014

After a chilly, damp week in Borås, what could be a better antidote than a trip to Nice? Exactly, not a lot!

So off to Gatwick we went! For once we were not rushing. Which was just as well, as the taxi driver managed to take to route to Victoria with the most traffic… I ask you, Oxford St and Marble Arch on a Saturday lunchtime? Tsk. Still, was in the enormous bag drop queue the requisite 2 hours before take off.

Flight was ok, helped along with large quantities of Haribo… Nice seemed very quiet… The bus was almost empty, which was nice! Decided to just grab a few bits from the supermarket and have a quiet night, which was rather pleasant.

Lazy lie in on Sunday, then went for a walk along the prom in the glorious sunshine. Was intending to go to Monoprix on the way home, but got a message from Allyson “will be in the Negresco bar in an hour”. So that was the shopping kicked into touch! Went home and glammed up a bit and headed to meet Allyson and Ana. Had a very pleasant time chatting and catching up, over a glass of Chablis.

Sunday evening brought the Yahtzee! challenge. Everything to play for…. Once we had the rules sussed, J streaked ahead with an early win. H redeemed herself by trouncing J in game 2, by quite some margin…! So we decided to leave it there for the night!

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